The Cuddlefish Gang

I am trying to get better at blogging, as I am so busy with William and life and trying to get some work done it has been tough. Recently, though, I have joined a collective of other (amazing) Colorado based kidlit artists and I think it’s worth writing about. We are The Cuddlefish Gang and it has been an exciting and fun thing to collaborate on. I feel quite lucky, actually. Below are our adorable and cuddly mascot. We will be hosting art challenges, posting kidlit related blogs and generally being supportive of one another and the kidlit community. has links to the other members and to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Hooray!


100 Days

I have been participating in #the100dayproject on social media and I decided to do 100 days of emotions. I found a list of 100 feeling words online and I do one every day. They are pretty sketchy and quick but it has been fun and SO helpful. Here are some of my favorites!

Soy una padrina...

William and I went back to San Miguel de Allende for the baptism of my ajihada (goddaughter) earlier this month. She is beautiful 6 month old Olive Celeste and the daughter of my dearest friend Sarah. I love her. We also saw many of our friends who we miss so much, Juana, and my maestra de ceramica Angelina Perez Ibarguen— if you haven’t ever seen her work it is wonderful and a poingant take on humanity from an observer like no other. True to any quick trip, I contracted food poisoning and spent the evening before our departure throwing up, only to spend a tortuous 8 hours flying with a squirming toddler on my lap. Needless to say, we survived.

William Turns 2

On March 22, my William turned 2. We had a fabulous time with a small group of close friends and family eating pizza, banana cake, and playing at the Denver Museum of Nature and science. We spent the afternoon at the park and the evening watching William paint at his new easel. He is an artist through and through!